Owner Surrender Process

Choosing to surrender your pet is not an easy decision. For resources that may help you keep your pet, click here. If surrendering your pet is the right option for you, here is what to expect when surrendering your pet to Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region.

Before you come

Make an appointment.


Appointments are required at our Colorado Springs shelter. HSPPR in Pueblo does not require an appointment. When you make an appointment, you will receive a required questionnaire to fill out in advance.

Bring your photo ID and your pet’s veterinary records.


We accept pet animals.

As an open admission shelter, we can take in all domesticated animals. See below for resources for other types of animals.

*Farm animals include poultry, pot bellied pigs and goats.


Be prepared for surrendering fees.

Be prepared with a form of payment for fees associated with surrendering your pet. We accept cash or card. 

If you cannot afford these fees, we will work with you on a fee that is affordable for you.

Once you arrive

The Colorado Springs Admissions entrance is located at the back of the HSPPR building (north end). The Pueblo Admissions entrance is on the north side of the building.

Sign in at the front desk

Wait times will vary depending on how busy we are and if you have an appointment or are walking in.

Be prepared for paperwork

If you do not have an appointment, we will request you fill out paperwork at this time.

Meeting with a customer service representative

We will review your pet’s medical and behavioral history, discuss the answers to our questionnaire in more detail, and discuss HSPPR’s processes at the shelter.

Reviewing your options

We will review the options for surrendering your pet with us based on the conversation we have about your pet and what outcome options are available to your pet.

Transferring ownership

You will sign paperwork disclosing any bites in the last 10 days and additional paperwork stating that you are the current owner of the pet and you are transferring ownership of the pet to HSPPR.

Ownership discussions

If you are not the current owner of the pet, we will need to contact the current owner to gain permission for you to surrender the pet on their behalf. Please bring the current owner's contact information with you.

Things to note

We are a socially conscious shelter.

At HSPPR, we treat each animal as the individual they are. We do not make assumptions on behavior based on age or breed. If appropriate, a member of our behavior team will review the behavior profile you provide and may do an additional evaluation to help determine placement in a new home can be done safely.

There are two possible outcomes for animals surrendered to HSPPR.

Our priority and most common outcome is placement or transfer. The second is humane euthanasia for medical or behavior reasons. These decisions are made carefully and thoughtfully and consider the pet’s mental and physical quality of life. Our focus is the health and well-being of every animal in our care and the safety of the community. You may request to be contacted if humane euthanasia is the determined outcome for your pet, and you will regain possession of your pet.