Surrendering Your Pet

Important notice from HSPPR in Pueblo

Beginning September 1, 2023, our Pueblo location will ONLY accept owner surrenders of cats and dogs. Strays of all species will still be accepted. If you need to rehome a small animal, please visit one of these local pet stores: Pet Paradise, Animal Kingdom, and Beasties.

For detailed information for surrendering your pet

For resources to help you keep your pet

Rehome - a surrender alternative

An alternative to surrendering your pet to the shelter is Rehome by If you are able to keep your pet in your home a little longer, we encourage you to check out this service. Click the “Visit Rehome” button to set up your pet’s profile, review applications from potential adopters, and set up a meet-and-greet with applicants. These private adoptions take place without ever having to set foot in a shelter. Please note, Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region is not affiliated with Rehome and does not facilitate the adoption process for pets available through this program.

HSPPR is here to support you. If you are experiencing an animal-related emergency, please do not wait to surrender your pet.

Surrendering your pet to HSPPR

There are many reasons a family can no longer care for a pet, and we’re here to help at both our Colorado Springs and Pueblo locations. If you adopt from HSPPR, and it is not the right fit, we will take the pet back into our care. Please make an Owner Surrender appointment to return the pet.

After a pet enters our doors, we evaluate each and every animal as an individual, and there is never a time limit on how long we’ll care for an animal before he’s adopted. We may also work with other shelters/rescues to assist in assessing the specific needs of a pet. Our priority, and most common outcome, is placement. We consider an animal’s mental and physical quality of life, and any humane euthanasia decision is made carefully and thoughtfully. As a socially conscious animal shelter, our focus is on the health and well-being of every animal in our care and the safety of the community.

Please see below to make an appointment and note the following:

Due to staffing challenges, we are requiring appointments to surrender pets. Scheduling an appointment online is easy – you choose the date and time that works best for you and you won’t have to wait to meet with a customer service representative.


Due to their special needs, we are unable to accept owner surrender livestock, including chickens, ducks, horses, goats, pigs (including potbellied pigs), or any other animal considered to be livestock. We’ve compiled a list of farm animal sanctuaries and rescues that are equipped to house livestock should you need assistance.

If you find wildlife

HSPPR is not licensed to accept wildlife. If you find orphaned or injured wildlife, including deer, birds, rabbits, turtles or tarantulas, please view the Colorado Parks and Wildlife's licensed rehabilitator list arranged by county or call them at 719.227.5200.

Wildlife rehabilitators receive no agency funding and rely on your donations to provide services. Wildlife rehabilitators work regular jobs in addition to caring for wildlife; they return phone calls and accept wildlife as promptly as possible.

Relinquishment fees

When you can no longer care for your pet and need to bring him to the shelter, we will charge a small fee to help defray the cost of caring for your pet. This fee doesn’t cover the full cost of care, but it does help us in providing safe shelter, veterinary care and a chance for a new life. Fees vary depending on the number and type of animal you surrender.

Beginning September 1, 2023, our Pueblo location will ONLY accept owner surrenders of cats and dogs. Strays of all species will still be accepted. If you need to rehome a small animal, please visit one of these local pet stores: Pet Paradise, Animal Kingdom, and Beasties.

  • Dog $35
  • 2 Dogs $65 total
  • 3+ Dogs $90 total
  • Cat $35
  • 2 Cats $65 total
  • 3+ Cats $90 total
  • Litter of puppies/kittens $65 total
  • Rabbit $25
  • Rabbits (2 or more) $40 total
  • Guinea Pigs (1 to 2) $10
  • Guinea Pigs (3 to 6) $20 total
  • Guinea Pigs (7+) $35 total
  • Rodents (1-2) $5
  • Rodents (3 to 9) $15 total
  • Rodents (10+) $20 total
  • Reptile $15
  • Reptiles (2 or more) $25 total
  • Large Reptiles (over 4 feet long) $40
  • Fish $5
  • Large fish $10
  • Domestic Birds* $5-35

*fees depend on the size of the bird and the number of birds surrendered. This does not include fowl.

For resources to rehome potbellied pigs, goats, and fowl, click here.

Seniors (65 and older), veterans, and active military members receive 10% off services. One discount per family per visit.