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Please refer to the information below for the appropriate department contact information.

Animal Law Enforcement

animal control laws, licensing requirements, neglect/cruelty investigations
DO NOT EMAIL if an animal is suffering; please call so we can respond more quickly.


(719) 302-8798
[email protected]

Customer Service

adoptions, lost and found pets, surrendering your pet, euthanasia requests, cremation
DO NOT EMAIL if your inquiry is about a pet currently at our shelter; please call so we can respond more quickly.

(719) 473-1741, ext. 8723
[email protected]


Happy Tails League, general donations, tribute/memorial giving, donating your vehicle, fundraisers to benefit HSPPR


(719) 302-8737
[email protected]

General Inquiries


(719) 473-1741
Fax: (719) 444-0179
[email protected]



(719) 302-8727
[email protected]

Media Inquiries


(719) 302-8738
[email protected]

Special Events


(719) 302-8788
[email protected]



[email protected]


website questions/feedback, share your pet's Happy Tail


[email protected]

Youth Programs

kids camps, teacher resources, requests for tours and classroom visits


(719) 302-8714
[email protected]