School and Teacher Programs

Due to staffing changes, we are unable to offer youth community programs, school programs, scout programs, Pueblo Story Tails programs, or youth tours until August 2024.

Educating our future pet owners

By educating tomorrow’s pet guardians, the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region is working toward a more humane community where animals are inherently valued and owners are committed to their pets. Opportunities for teachers to promote the core virtues of compassion, respect, empathy, integrity, and citizenship lie in humane education lessons. We can provide in-school presentations, shelter tours, teacher professional development, and curriculum resources to help teach these important life lessons.

HSPPR employee playing with local elementary school kids

In-School and Virtual Presentations

Six different classroom presentations are available for elementary through high school students, combining a hands-on approach to learning with age-appropriate information to engage the children. The presentations run from 30 to 60+ minutes, depending on the age of the students, the size of the group, and the topic. These programs are designed to be supplemental experiences that support 2020 Colorado Academic Standards but don’t necessarily cover the whole standards listed below.

What is the Humane Society and what goes on there? One of our Humane Society Storytellers will visit your classroom to read a story or two and share some pictures about what we do. We’ll talk about what it means to be kind and caring to our furry friends.

Colorado 2020 Academic Standards:

  • RW.P.2.1- Children understand and obtain meaning from stories and information from books and other tests.
  • RW.K.2.1- Develop and apply the concepts of print and comprehension of literary texts.

In this paws-on program, students will learn doggy dialect to ensure paws-itive interactions with our canine friends. We’ll have a doggone good time meeting one of our Pikes Peak Pups while we learn about being kind and safe around dogs.

*For this program, we typically bring a certified dog that the students can meet. Please let us know of any policies regarding animal visitors at your school or district when registering for this program*

Supports 2020 Colorado Academic Standards:

  • CH. Demonstrate strategies to avoid hazards in the home and community.
  • SC.1.2.1- All organisms have external parts that they use to perform daily functions.

With great pet ownership, comes great pet responsibility. The many different pets in our lives have different needs and as a Super Pet Owner, it is our job to give our pets the best lives possible. We’ll explore what different pets need and what you can do to be a Super Pet Owner!

Supports 2020 Colorado Academic Standards:

  • SC.3.2.1- Organisms have unique and diverse life cycles.
  • SC.4.2.1- Organisms have both internal and external structures that serve various functions.
  • CH. Demonstrate basic first aid and safety procedures.
  • CH. Comprehend concepts and identify strategies to prevent the transmission of disease.

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a Vet at the Humane Society? What about a Behaviorist? Or who runs our social media? In this engaging program, middle and high school students can get a glimpse into the various careers at HSPPR.

*This program can be adjusted for younger age groups*

Supports 2020 Colorado Academic Standards:

  • Colorado Essential Skill- Career Awareness
HSPPR staff reading a book to a classroom of children

Custom Programs, All Ages

Interested in a topic other than one listed above? We can work with you to develop a custom program about the topic that you’re interested in! Please note that these programs are more expensive than our pre-made lessons due to the time and resources put into a special request and start at $50 per program. This can increase depending on the scope of the request, so please check out our Student Resources page or the Student Requests section below as that might help answer some of your students’ questions!

*For this program, we can bring a certified dog that the students can meet. Please let us know of any policies regarding animal visitors at your school or district when registering for this program*

Teacher Professional Development

Starting 2021-22 School Year

Looking to earn some PD credit hours? We offer some fun workshops that blend current teaching trends through the lens of HSPPR. Check back to see what workshops we have coming up soon!

Shelter Tours

We invite your group to visit the shelter to see the different animals that depend on us for their care. Tours involve an introductory presentation describing the scope of the Humane Society’s work and our impact on the community. Groups will then tour the Adoption area of our facility and potentially visit with a couple of critters. Tours are a flat fee of $30 and capped at 30 participants total. We do require a 10:1 child-to-chaperone ratio as each group is broken up into smaller tour groups.

Book Tour

You can also check out our virtual tour and corresponding worksheet for students. When you’re finished, view the answer key here

Student Help and Group Donation Projects

We do our best to be a resource for our community, so if there is a student or small group of students looking to get more information for a class project, please book a time to talk with our Youth Education Manager.

Check out our, About UsResources, and Accountability pages for more information as well!