February 16, 2021

Pets Stuck in Dangerous Situations: Here’s How to Prevent It and What to Do When It Happens

two masked woman standing. the woman on the left is holding a grey cat and the woman on the right is in her animal law enforcement uniform smiling at the camera

Recently, our Centennial Animal Services team got a call about a cat that had supposedly been stuck on a roof for 3 days and couldn’t get down. Wanting to make sure this kitty wasn’t out in the freezing temperatures, our officers rushed to the scene and found the cat, who appeared to have a collar and tags on. Sergeant Rice climbed up on the roof and approached the cat, who allowed him to net her. After they successfully contained her, they found her tag, which said her name was Remi!

Remi’s tag also had her owner’s phone number and address, which was only a few blocks away. Thanks to proper identification, we quickly reunited Remi with her owners, and made sure she wasn’t stuck out in the cold!

But, while this story has a happy ending, it reminds us of the precautions we should take to make sure our own pets aren’t in similar situations:

  • Keep your pets inside or in a securely enclosed area outside.
  • If walking your pet, make sure he is leashed, so that he does not run off.
  • Ensure your pet is licensed, microchipped and has his collar and tags on at all times. This makes it easy to reunite lost pets, just like Remi, with their owners!

If you find a pet in a dangerous situation:

  • Call Animal Law Enforcement at 719-302-8798 to report the pet, and our officers will be there as soon as they can.
  • If the pet is in a an area dangerous for humans, too, like on a roof, in a powerline, or atop a tree, don’t try to rescue the pet yourself – our officers have equipment to help with these situations and don’t want people to get hurt in the meantime.
  • Animal Law Enforcement responds to about 40,000 calls for service every year, so another resource for helping community pets stuck in dangerous situations is Roto-Rooter, a plumbing and water cleanup company that has vast experience saving the lives of pets in danger. They can be reached at 719-481-3898.

Special thank you to our Animal Law Enforcement officers who work diligently to save animal lives, like Remi’s, every day! #HappyTailsHappyHearts