Veterinary Services - Colorado Springs


As we work to reschedule spay/neuter, vaccination, and other veterinary appointments canceled during Colorado's stay at home order, new appointments are limited. Please check back frequently! 

Thank you for your patience and understanding in helping to keep our community safe.


All vaccination appointments are now available on our Wellness Waggin'. Please visit our Mobile Clinic page to schedule an appointment. All vaccinations are $15 each, with the exception of the 3-year rabies, which is $20.

dog vector

Distemper Combo (DA2PP)
Bordetella (kennel cough)
Rabies 1-Year
Rabies 3-Year (proof of current rabies required)




cat vector

Distemper Combo (FVRCP)
Rabies 1-Year
Rabies 3-Year (proof of current rabies required)




Spay/Neuter Surgery

Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region's veterinary clinic is proud to offer a low-cost spay/neuter program to help decrease pet overpopulation in our community and save more lives.

Schedule Spay/Neuter


Fees for spay/neuter vary by species and sex. Additional services can be added at the time of spay/neuter as well. Click the co-pay button for more information.

Co-Pay Information


Pre-Surgery Requirements

  • Dogs and cats at least 8 weeks of age and at least two pounds are eligible for surgery.
  • Routine vaccinations are required for animals 16 weeks and younger. We strongly recommend all animals are vaccinated two weeks prior to surgery if their vaccinations are not already current to help protect against exposure to infectious diseases. If your pet needs vaccinations, they are available through HSPPR's Surgery Center by appointment only.
  • A current rabies vaccination is required for all animals and you will be required to show proof of current rabies vaccination. If your pet is not currently vaccinated for rabies, you can add the vaccine during your surgery appointment for $10. For the safety of your pet and our community, non-vaccinated animals will not be eligible for surgery.
  • Do not feed your pet after 10:00 pm on the night before the surgery. Water should be freely available until the time you leave home.

    Drop-Off Information

    In order to maintain social distancing, pets scheduled for spay/neuter surgery must be dropped off at the selected drop-off time. It is important to be on time for your appointment in order for us to manage the number of people in our lobby as safely as possible. Masks are required when entering the veterinary clinic lobby. 

    For more information or to schedule a surgery appointment at our Colorado Springs campus, call (719) 302-8795. We accept cash, Visa, and MasterCard. Sorry, checks are not accepted.